The Fine Brothers “YouTubers React” Set Design

Original Set Design for YouTubers React, part of the Award-Winning "React" web series created by YouTube sensations Benny and Rafi Fine of Fine Brothers Entertainment.


Create a custom production design that appeals to viewers exclusively on the YouTube platform to replace the current set for the established “YouTubers React” web series which features YouTubers reacting to viral videos.

Design and build a set that is playful and bold and honors the spirit of YouTube and its content creators while staying consistent with the client’s current branding.

The show features YouTubers reacting to viral videos on the internet. Notable YouTubers who have appeared on the show include: Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, Smosh, Michelle Phan, Shay Carl, Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time, Shane Dawson, Linsey Stirling, PewDiePie, iJustine, Philip DeFranco & Rhett and Link.

The Fine Brothers Channel Stats
Subscribers: 2.5 million
Views: 800 million


Discovery and Research: During this stage, I used a variety of research methods to gain insight into what types of imagery could best represent YouTube and its content creators. I did extensive research into the ubiquitous use of play buttons on the web and researched Youtube branding history to inform my color scheme decisions for the design.

Click here to visit the concept board I created for this design

Mockups: Based on my research, I created a series of several digital design mockups utilizing YouTube play button imagery and worked with the client to refine the mockups until we landed on a design that satisfied the objective.

Materials Planning & Sourcing: Once the digital mockup was finalized, I created a plan for implementing the design. The plan included a list of materials, where to source the materials, materials budget and a step-by-step guide to assemble and create the set.

Materials planning for this set included custom color matching and precise measuring to create a grid of custom stretched canvases.

Set Creation and Build: After acquiring all materials and special props, I completed the following steps to build the set by hand.

  • Draw up diagram and measurements for custom canvas placement grid
  • Create samples to color match the digital mockup
  • Build and stretch custom canvases
  • Paint canvases with background color and play button design
  • Paint background wall red
  • Measure and hang canvases
  • Secure canvases to wall to maintain perfect grid formation

Watch the series here!

About the Client: The Fine Brothers

(bio from Fine Bros YouTube Channel)

Fine Brothers Entertainment is a full service production company that has amassed 3 billion views online and over 15 million subscribers across their channels. Brothers Benny and Rafi Fine started by making feature films in high school that played in film festivals. Now we have a staff of over over 25, recently premiered a TV show on Nickelodeon, pilots for several other networks, have feature films to be released in 2015, won awards at the Daytime Emmys, Streamys, and Webbys, and have been featured in the biggest publications (Variety, NYT, Huff Po, Times, USAToday, 100s more).

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Credit for production stills: Fine Brothers Entertainment

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