The Fine Brothers “Kids React” Set

Original Set Design for Kids React, the Emmy Award-Winning "React" web series created by YouTube sensations Benny and Rafi Fine of Fine Brothers Entertainment.


Create a custom production design that appeals to viewers exclusively on the YouTube platform to replace the current set for the award-winning “Kids React” web series which features Kids reacting to viral videos.

Design and build a set that is appropriate for boys and girls ages 6-12 while staying consistent with the client’s current branding and appealing the the client’s established audience. One major challenge was to create a set that looks interesting when zoomed way in for a small child and zoomed way out for two larger children side by side. Additionally, it was important to create a gender neutral set.

The show features Kids ages 6-12 reacting to viral videos on the internet.

The Fine Brothers Channel Stats
Subscribers: 2.5 million
Views: 800 million


Discovery and Research: During this stage, I used a variety of research methods to gain insight into what types of imagery could best represent kids. I did extensive research into the ubiquitous use of play buttons on the web and researched Youtube branding history to inform my color scheme decisions for the design.

Mockups: Based on my research, I created a series of several digital design mockups utilizing YouTube play button imagery and worked with the client to refine the mockups until we landed on a design that satisfied the objective.

Materials Planning & Sourcing: Once the digital mockup was finalized, I created a plan for implementing the design. The plan included a list of materials, where to source the materials, materials budget and a step-by-step guide to assemble and create the set.

Watch the series here!