Epic Lloyd’s “Off the Top” Live Improv Web Series Set Design

Original Set and Logo Design for Epic Lloyd's "Off the Top" Live Improv Web Series


Create a logo and set decorations for Epic Lloyd’s live interactive improv show on YouTube, “Off the Top”.

Logo and set need to be edgy and invoke the spontaneous and fluid spirit of freestyle rapping and improv. Design also needed to represent the 3 cities participating in the show: Los Angeles, London and Tokyo.

The Who’s Line is it Anyway? style show features a team of improvisers playing games with suggestions from the live studio audience and through twitter.

Epic Lloyd Channel Stats
Subscribers: 500,000
Views: 33 million


The logo features a microphone design with a globe printed across the sphere. The outer edges of the globe feature cityscapes from Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. The color scheme was inspired by Epic Lloyd’s branding.


I created real-life versions of the cityscapes and microphone from the Off the Top logo. I traced the designs freehand onto foam core and used an Exacto knife to cut them out and mount them onto the flats with adhesive velcro.

Watch the series here!

About the Client: Epic Lloyd

Epic Lloyd is an actor, comedian and YouTube personality and is also the co-creator of Epic Rap Battles of History. His solo channel, EpicLloyd, has over 500,000 subscribers and 33 million views. He also co-owns a comedy theater in Los Angeles called The Westside Comedy Theater where he regularly performs in improv shows. Epic Lloyd created “Off the Top”, which is the world’s first ever live, globally interactive improv show.

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Credit for production stills: Epic Lloyd

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quotation-marksMelissa has a great eye for creating designs that work perfectly with the vibe of her clients.  She has excellent range and the rare ability to utilize that range to make choices that fit seamlessly into the project she’s been hired onto.  Top notch work!”